Saturday, November 21, 2009


I am melting into a little puddle. Even as I sit here very still and naked, I’m hot. And bothered.

This late spring heat is a shock to the system. No gradual warm-up just a wallop so intense it drains your energy in an instant. It’s the kind of heat that skews my brain and makes me achingly aware of my body.

I suppose this is the upside. The awareness of my body, its boundaries and limits, its cravings and needs.

Right now it is responding to the simplest of pleasures. The cool air on my sweat beaded thighs, tummy and breasts as I sit spread eagle in front of the fan, the ice cubes melting gorgeously on my tongue, the dripping dew from a cold bottle traced along my neck.

And yet what I really crave at this very moment is more heat. A searing, pulsating hardness to quench the fever coming from within.


Marcus Myself said...

I know this feeling very well. There are times I will lay sprawled out, not a stitch if clothing, feeling the heat roll off my skin in pulsing waves.
It dies remind ne of the heat of desire but instead of the wave rolling off of me and into the surrounding space, lost, they surge through the rest of my body, unable to escape. Back and forth they flow, building on their own natural rhythm. Pass after pass I feel myself being carried away and yet have no where to go, no place for this tsunami to make landfall and thus release the tremendous energies. Where can I make landfall?

Cheeky Minx said...

Perhaps if the fates are kind, they'll steer your incendiary desire to the right fleshly terrain. I sincerely hope they are, Marcus.

Thank you for the truly delicious comment...

Marcus Myself said...

Thank you for those wishes. I can not help but wish they would steer ms into your presence but I have learned to trust the fates.

May they be kind to you as well.