Sunday, December 6, 2009


The table has been laid for a different form of dining. One lone setting has been placed at the head of the long table where he sits awaiting her arrival in the room’s warm glow.

She announces her presence with the glide of the door over the plush carpet. He breathes in sharply as his gaze roams over her fair form. On this night she is dressed in little else than an ivory lace balconette bra and matching lace topped stockings.

Upon her in a matter of a few strides, eyes bright and hungry, he scoops her up and walks her over to the table, delicately placing her naked bottom onto a red velvet cushion. Weaving one hand through her locks while the other sweeps along her curves to the small of her back, he overwhelms her eager mouth with his passionate kiss. 

Taking his place, he lays her out and begins to trace lazy circles inside her thighs. Edging closer to fully receive the sweet scent, his lips lightly brush her plump sex. Unable to resist any longer, he dots the slick excited flesh with a series of soft butterfly kisses as a throaty moan emerges from deep within her slight body.

Smiling wickedly in the knowledge this is the first of many courses, he lowers his greedy mouth and luxuriates in the pure indulgence of her creamy feast.


The Panserbjørne said...

Beautiful stuff. There's just nothing like that first taste of a fantastic meal like that.

Hi, by the way. You left a comment on my journal a few months back and then disappeared. I came here to follow you and find you've been busy creating your own archive. I like what I see and will be watching your journal from here on out. :)

-- PB

Cheeky Minx said...

Thank you PB - and welcome. And I'm glad to see we're in agreement on the menu!

Also I didn't disappear, just went into lurking mode while catching up on your archive and relishing every new delectable entry...