Sunday, January 24, 2010

At Last

Back against the wall, the newly shed trousers and boxers at his feet, he unbuttons his shirt, moving his hands down his navel to the assertive swell below. Stroking his painfully hard cock slowly, deliberately, he takes in the view, their initial urgency now momentarily stilled. She sits on the edge of the bed as instructed. Covered in the sheerest of stockings, her slim legs are spread wide, her small heaving breasts clad in the black lace of his choosing, her plump glistening cunt openly expectant and hungry.

Looping his forefinger and thumb, he continues the familiar gesture of self-pleasure. Her rouge smeared lips moisten and part releasing a low whimper as the movement of his hand increases. Unable to tear his eyes from the body he has longed to touch, he is struck by the force of her undisguised and unashamed lust, by the sheer magnetism of her willingness to submit. To him. His breath quickens, pulse races at this very thought, at this very reality as she begins fingering herself on his command. She is his. For now, she is his. She is his beautiful dirty girl, her digits now slippery with her nectar as they thrust in and out of her tight pussy. She is his dirty little plaything, her moans morphing into half-formed phrases pleading for more, pleading for his cock. She is his little fucktoy, begging to be eaten and taken and fucked by him until she screams. She is his. In word and deed.

Intoxicated by the palpable current running between them, he finally makes his way to her, knees and hands faintly trembling, the fevered arousal breaking out in a fine mist on his large muscular frame. At long last he is there in front of her, his jutting cock a whisper from her mouth, fingers weaving into the unruly curls he loves, her hands brushing along his thighs and moving back to cup his arse. At long last she is here in front of him, desperately wanting and desiring, possessing him in her own way as she licks her lips and slides her hot mouth around the thick hard shiny shaft she will eagerly devour for hours to come.


The Panserbjørne said...

It's a wonderfully raw and primal feeling to be stroking it in front of a woman who loves to watch.

"Beautiful dirty girl".....oh, how I love that phrase. I can't think of a more apt one, either.

-- PB

Cheeky Minx said...

Thank you PB... ;)

I have to admit it is a phrase that sends tingly sparks through my body!