Monday, April 12, 2010

The Art of Men

Breaking away from the others, I wandered around the final room, on the periphery of the oppressive throng, taking in the beauty of the art of men from a time long past. My overwhelmed gaze distractedly skimmed, unable to fix itself, unable to rest, unable to find an object of pure visceral attraction.

Until I saw it. Until I saw her.

From the margin, she drew me in, the invisible thread reeling me closer and closer, parting the tight knit crowd of men intently studying her every detail. Finally before her, I stood transfixed, barely able to catch my breath, contain the gasp, control the rapid thumping in my chest.

My eyes began to roam, feverishly at first, taking in the swirls and curves, the rumpled sheets, the generous pillowy bed, her naked indolence, the dirty neutral palette, afraid my time would prematurely come to an end with the arrival of yet another interfering audience.

But very soon after, we were alone. Taking my cue from Bonnard, I began to languidly absorb, feasting on each stroke, each ridge, each arc and twist and bend, slowly devouring the sensually and wantonly laid out body displaying its womanly splendour.

And as I stood spellbound by the dozing woman, you came to me, crashed over me, flooded and overtook me. As I stood amid the hustle and bustle in the gallery, I rode the wave of your words, your thoughts, your face.

The wave of you.

I stood facing the canvas longing to be her with you as my artist, you as my voyeur, you as my lover on the other side of the frame watching, gazing and patiently waiting for the end of my slumber.


The Panserbjørne said...

Hey, that's a lovely painting. Not familiar with that one before this; thanks for sharing it. I don't know if my reaction was *quite* that visceral, though. :)

-- PB

Cheeky Minx said...

I understand your reaction not quite matching mine, PB! Personally, I don't think plates or reproductions ever really capture the texture, scale or nuance of colour.

Aside from this, other feelings and sensations definitely affected my experience of the nude... ;)

Osbasso said...

OK, I admitt that I skimmed this the first time through, and thought you were describing a scene with you in a sex club or something. I must slow down and smell the roses!

Cheeky Minx said...

Ha, ha! Yes, this time it's a rather tame piece. Not that a sex club description would be a bad thing, Os... ;)