Sunday, May 23, 2010


You are my hungry want incarnate
My need made flesh and blood
My carnality made juices, sweat and come

When my eyes sweep down along you
Imposing, muscular and strong
I see a man aching to release, submit, surrender

Intoxicating at close distance
Your scent a heady, lethal mix
Compels mind and body to thoughts primal and impure

Take, possess, command you
My slut, my toy, my whore
I will use you and exploit you for my pleasure

Strap you roughly, bind you crudely
To the base of the platinum bed
My body looming in tall spikes of shiny leather

Body splayed wide open
I will tease and taunt and feel
The arousal as it screams up from your core

Spend and mark and bruise you
My own cunt slave you will be
Here and now and forever more


Southern Sage said...

Bring it bitch, we'll see.

southerngirl said...

Hmmm yeah girl, you and I should hang.... too hot!

And listen to Sage up there getting all CHEEKY (hah great pun)...HE needs a lesson or two - don't you think?

The Muffin Fan said...




Lips and mouth drenched with your own sweet juices. But still Hungry. Lost within those eyes. Longing to touch your hair again. Aching with Eternal, Insatiable Lust for my Wondrous Enchantrix.

One day your willing Pussy Slave. The next your own Taskmaster.

The Paradox Sustained.

Cheeky Minx said...

Sage: Challenge accepted, cowboy.

A piece of advice: never underestimate a fiery, insatiable Minx.

We'll see, indeed...

Southerngirl: Ooh, that's such a good idea, sexy thing. I feel a cocktail coming on!

And yes, Sage needs quite a few lessons after that kind of cheek. Now, if only I could find a saucy Southern girl to assist... ;)

Muffin: Oh my...

You have left rather speechless. And giddy.

What a delicious paradox you paint. (Or, should that be paradise?) ;)

Rex Venom said...

The way you twist the words into the feeling wished...
Rock on!

iwonderifsheis said...

Your words take my breath away

Ella said...

"I see a man aching to release, submit, surrender."

Your words stir the well deep inside me. Am I able to see this in men too? So so tempting and where the mind goes my body does tend to wander. - E.

Green Eyed Frenchy said...

That stirs a lot inside a lot of people, it looks like. So well done, and you already have people falling in love for you!!! Enchanteresse you really are!

Cheeky Minx said...

Rex: Thank you. This is high praise from such a talented wordsmith...

iwonderifsheis: Just as your comment takes mine. Thank you.

Ella: It seems we are on the same page: the wandering body listening to the whispers of yearning deep within...

Frenchy: Thank you. But I'm not sure about love...! I am grateful, however, for generous comments by such gifted and like-minded people. ;)

Ivy and Haley said...

I like the line "thoughs primal and impure"

Hell yeah.

Come visit me.


Cheeky Minx said...

Thank you so much. It seems there are quite a few of us channeling such thoughts...