Monday, August 2, 2010

Hand of Man

Strong, masculine hands seizing their craving, their want, their desire.

Coarse, powerful hands sweeping, grazing womanly skin silky and fine.

Commanding hands mapping the line of my back, lifting me high, spreading me wide, sating the ache that all but consumes me.  

Hands, fingers, dexterous and greedy, that tease my clit, that work my slit, that crook to find my sweet little spot, that fill my tight cunt to the brim. 

Hands caressing my face, my neck, the soft mounds of my breasts, vice-like grip on my hips as his thick shaft glides in to the hilt, as it savagely pounds my slick velvet heat.

Hands in my hair, on my head, digits mapping the curve of my lips as I slide your glans deep, deep inside, as my tongue licks and laps at your slippery head, as I fuck your pulsating cock with my mouth.

Hands tenderly fixing ties that fasten and bind, marking my form with the signs of possession for which I yearn and long.

Hands speaking their sensual passion, recording the rise and fall of my breath, the rhythmic, thudding beat in my chest, committing to memory the body laid bare before them. 

Hands, hands, his glorious hands, weapons of worship and hungry invasion.

The hands holding me down, the hands setting me free.

The hands touching, taking, giving all that I need.


Osbasso said...

In the immortal words of James Taylor--"I'm your handyman..."

Anonymous said...

@Osbasso: I love that song.

@Cheeky Minx: As usual this is so on target. I am sending it to someone who is my "handyman".


Anonymous said...

Well, these Hands certainly clap approval at The Enchantrix' latest spell!

Very, very well done.

Privileged indeed are the hands that can touch the Minx.

1manview said...

Your prose poetry is so vivid, it seems to aim at the reader to the point you have to resist responding back to it... Original and creative you are... I enjoy myself tremendously every time I visit your space..

Advizor said...

"recording the rise and fall of my breath"

Hands that remember, that claim us, that bring us back again and again to the places we want to be. These are hands to be treasured.

keatsjohnkeats said...

I'm always so impressed with your works CM. you often make me think "Damnit, how come I didn't think to write that first?"

Wish there was a half nekkid Tuesday too. It's a tragedy I actually have to wait until Thursday to see your gorgeous body again.

Just A. Girl said...

Very nice. I love a man's hands, especially when they look particularly masculine. Please no pedicured boys for me.

Cheeky Minx said...

Os: That is very good to know...

Hedone: Thank you, lovely. And I'm so very happy to hear you've passed this on to your handyman. I hope he enjoys...

Muffin: How lucky am I to have you applauding my efforts with your own wondrous hands, Muffin Magic?!

1manview: Thank you so very much. And I hope you never feel the need to hold back your comments!

Advizor: They most certainly are, A, they most certainly are... (sigh)

kjk: And here I am asking myself the very same question when I read your pieces.

As for the half nekkidness, I'm fairly certain once a week is quite enough. I wouldn't want you tiring of me! (Speaking of which, one more sleep until this week's reveal...)

Just A. Girl: Oh, I hear you, loud and clear, my dear. There's nothing quite like truly manly hands. Thank you...