Tuesday, February 21, 2012

From the Break of Day to the Midnight Storm

I woke alone, naked beneath the crisp, cotton whiteness, the birds chirping, sun shining, my body reaching, reaching out for that absent other, for him, for the sweetness of his touch.

I woke with this yearning, as I invariably do each and every day, with the longing for that sleepy, somewhat dreamy caress, for the sensual intimacy unique to the breaking of a brand new day, for the coming together of my soft feminine slightness and his warm, imposing strength, for his fingers, for your fingers, your fingers trailing the line of my neck, for your palm resting lightly against my face, for your tips teasing at the lobe, weaving through the curls at my nape, for the lips brushing the very trail your digits had forged only moments before, for your kiss, profound and searching, for my body opening to yours, for my leg hooked over your muscular thigh, for your glans, hard and thick and burnished sliding through the plump, bright, glistening folds, for your shaft, pulsing, hungry nudging at my needy portal, for your hand on my curves, on my hip, for mine on your chest, your shoulders, around your neck, for the moment of our meeting, for that resistance, for that acceptance, for that give, for that take, for that pure and perfecting and violating bliss, for your flesh buried so deep I know not where I begin or where you end, for the crest, for the peak, for my come on your cock, for your come splashing against my walls, for the come I need to feel, to be woman, to be alive, to be complete.

And now the morning has faded and the darkness is here and the summer storm is raging and with it appears the vampiric lust that taunts me in the night, that need for your carnality, for the beast who rises with a look, with a breathtaking ease, for the wolf at one with the thundering skies, with the lightning and its violent platinum whip, for the one who will patiently stalk me as I enter the room dressed in this diaphanous ebony finery, in the accoutrements of femininity you love so very well, in the laces, silks and satins you will tug and tear and shred to have me exposed to your needs, to have me as you want me once again, to truly possess this fair and burning flesh, to fuck me, to fuck me hard, to fuck me from behind bent over the frame of the bed, to fuck me, to fuck me hard and fast to the limit, to the edge, to fuck this tight little cunt like the crashing world outside will end, to fuck me until I whimper, until I cry, until I scream, until you groan, until you roar, until my juices and your seed blister their way into our skin, into our flesh, into our very souls.


OsShirt said...

Makes me think of Cole Porter's "Night and Day".

Southern Sir said...

“Come join with me” you whispered as I held you tight.
and so you drew me in and I filled you.

Joined we two now as one.
Held tight in passions delight.
Two souls merged, entwined.
A union of mind, body, and spirit.

Shared dreams, shared passions
Once two alone, now one together.
Our dreams once ours alone
now shared between two.
Our souls bound in ecstasies
purest delights.

As one we sailed to such heights
on newly discover wings.
We laughed and cried as one.
We soared under the bright sky.
The sun above filling us with an inner heat
the winds below lifting us up higher.

Then with one last ounce of energies combined
we pushed past the binds that held us
exploding into realms unknown.
What once a spark now a raging fire.
consuming us, lost to all else.

The bond now forged in fire
never more to be broken.
Our energies expended,
softly we drift down
once more in the comforts that surround.

Still joined, never more to be apart
"Sweet dreams" I whisper as I join you in silent slumber.

Ken Jashot said...

Okay, this is very simple. Try to follow along.

Step 1: Buy plane ticket to San Francisco
Step 2: Come to my hotel room
Step 3: Let me fuck you just like that
Step 4: Repeat Step 3 as necessary


both.hands.please said...

Day and Night. A perfect lovers manual no less.
I can smell that storm from here Minx, and it's quite the trigger.

Violently delicious.

Sophia said...

I had a comment to make but it was washed away by KJ comment. lol
Yes, it is quite simple and easy for you to follow his instructions. ;-)


Cheeky Minx said...

Os: That's quite the compliment, Os...

Southern Sir: Oh my... You've taken my breath clear away and left me swooning, SS. I'm guessing the only way to recover is to take to my bed...

KJ: Sì, capisco tutto, signore. (How could I not understand, we seem to speak the same language...)

both.hands.please: Take a deep breath, bhp. There's another storm brewing.

And thank you for the "violently delicious" tag. I absolutely adore it...

Sophia: You're so very, very right, sweet thing... ;-)