Thursday, December 23, 2010

HNT: The Gift of Giving

Jas and JM

I realise this is something of a cheat since Jas and JM are talented individuals in their own right. But how could I possibly resist a joint affair for the sexiest Aussie couple du jour? I couldn’t.

When I began to consider the perfect gift for this pair, my mind wandered into the usual territory: sex. (Can you blame a girl after reading some of their delectable swinging tales?) What better gift than a playmate or two? Oh yes… The perfect Adam and Eve… Bodies, soft and sensual, tall and masculine. Minds, thirsty and playful and intensely engaging. Appetites, lustful and eager, adventurous and sensitive.

But then I stopped and considered these two, reflecting on the true love they have for one another, the kind of soul connection many of us continue to search for, the type of love that sees them through the often complex negotiations of extended and blended families and aching times and Christmases apart.

For these two wondrous and beautiful people, I give them the gift of travel, with yours truly as baby sitter. (It’s the least I can do, no?!) I give them the gift of Hong Kong as it is not only an easy eight-hour flight from home but also one of the most enchanting places on this fine planet. I give them the gift of a family getaway with plenty of alone time to reconnect (and weave into delicious blog posts), to shop (oh, the shopping…), to eat, to wander, to gaze at a skyline that leaves you marvelling at the harmony between lush, natural wonders and man-made feats of glass and steel.

Merry Christmas, Jas and JM.

Green Eyed Frenchy

For those of us lucky enough to be acquainted with this delectable French morsel will know Green Eyed Frenchy has been a little quiet on the HNT front of late having had (among other things) her camera stolen in a break-in.

The obvious gift would be a camera, but as I suspect she’s already shopping around for one which will allow us all to rejoice once more in the sumptuous photographs of her luscious form, I have been thinking along slightly bigger lines.

The past year has been a life altering one for Frenchy. She has been an example of style, of grace, of daring. In response to the way she embraces life, this is probably more wish than gift. For Frenchy, I want to give the gift of breathlessness. I wish for her a year of new experiences and adventures so good, so dizzying, so great, her breath will be taken clear away. In the best possible way, of course!

(If I was being more material, I’d be buying Frenchy a ticket to balmy Sydney to escape the snow and cold. Actually, that’s a very good thought. Now, where’s my piggy bank…)

May your Christmas be merry, Frenchy!

13 Messages

13 Messages is a man, a photographer, a blogger, I have admired for quite some time. I lurked in the shadows marvelling at his photographs and heartfelt words alike, often astonished at how instinctual, visceral and primal his imagery can be. In truth, his talent leaves me rather awestruck.

For 13 Messages, I also give the gift of a wish, that of a talent spotter: an individual who will be fortunate enough to stumble across the self-portraits that set the bar for us all, that school us in framing and mood, that teach us about dark and light and the shades of grey in between, that shows us the versatility of the wondrous masculine form, that demonstrate the (erotic) potential in everyday spaces.

As this is a talent that should be shared more broadly with the world, I call on the many to appreciate and marvel alongside the rest of us already in the know.

Merry Christmas, 13 Messages.

(Remember to knock on Osbasso’s door to see this week’s gorgeous players and their Christmas gifts and wishes…)


Anonymous said...

what a view!

merry christmas, babe

Green Eyed Frenchy said...

Oh my! I'm already breathless! What a wonderful and generous gift this is! I read it several times and I'm very moved! I know I sound terribly sappy, but... WOW! :)

Let me jump on my flying carpet, fly around the globe, land on your doorstep and give you a huge warm hug, let's share some girlie time together, some deliciously indecent stories and giggles. It would be a honour to discover the wondrous woman you are!


Anonymous said...

YOU are the sweetest :)
(Sighs) a holiday with you as a babysitter sounds awesome! You put so much thought into it and I am very thankful.
Shopping, Eating and Re Connecting, sounds perfect!
Merry Christmas gorgeous girl! xxx

JM said...

My Dear Minx,

From the depths of my heart I thank you. Such kind, generous and incredible words send shivers down my spine, as it appears that you almost have a window into our lives. The thoughtfulness of your gift, is incredible, and it would be a truly amazing experience. However there is one problem, and that is that you would not be allowed to be babysitting all the time, no no no you would be required elsewhere! ;)

I wish you the very best for the Festive season dear Minx, may the sun shine brightly upon your future.

JM xx

MinorityReport said...

Beautiful wishes. :)
Hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

Max said...

Truly beautiful thoughts.

I'll be happy to chip in on your gift to GEF. :-)

Emmy said...

Such thoughtful gifts!
Happy Christmas to you!

Cheeky Minx said...

Thank you all for your lovely words and wishes.

Jas, JM and Frenchy - as you well know, the pleasure was all mine and from the heart.

Max, we definitely need to discuss the various ways of keeping Frenchy breathless all year long. ;)

Merry, merry, lovelies... xxx