Sunday, October 31, 2010

e[lust] #21

Photo courtesy of Evocative Abyss

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~ Featured Post (Lilly’s Pick) ~

D/s Without the D/s? - This is one of those situations in a real time D/s relationship where much of the “fun” aspects of the D/s needs to be stuffed in the closet for a bit. And for us, it’s not a great time to be either a masochist or a sadist. We can deal with that.

~ e[lust] Editress ~

Yes, Jelly Sex Toys Can be Dangerous - Even if a jelly rubber toy says “phthalate-free”, it still can contain toxic chemicals that can cause skin reactions in some people. These toys are still non-porous and can harbor dirt and bacteria because they cannot be sanitized.

~ This Week’s Top Three Posts ~

Unfortunately, this edition has no Top Three picks as I didn't have enough volunteer judges. If you'd like to volunteer to help, visit this page to find out more info and ensure that the Top Three picks continue.

See also: Pleasurists #101 and #100 for all your sex toy review needs.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

There's something about 72...

If truth be told, I have a fascination for certain numbers. Numbers associated with hours and days and months and years, with exotic locales and everyday minutia. With love and desire and passion and men... Lucky numbers, serendipitous numbers, sexy numbers.

Now, there’s a new number in my life. And I like this number. So very much.

The first stands seductively proud: masculine, assertive; shoulders broad and strong; body oh so taut and lean. The second is soft, supple and sensual: she is all feminine curves and sultry undulations; her head coquettishly lowered, back enticingly arched, sitting in wait on her knees.

Yes, that’s right. Number 72. This yin and yang, this hard and soft, this man and woman, this deliciously lusty number is mine thanks to Rori, all of the judges and their incredible work and generosity. And it’s also mine thanks to you and your often dizzying support. 

I think it’s safe to say, this harbour city girl couldn’t get a luckier, sexier, more serendipitous number to add to her collection...  

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  100. YOU! As always that last person on the list is you. Please, please, please leave a comment below promoting your own blog (or the blog of someone you love). Links are welcome, as long as they lead us to a sex-related blog, not a retail website or porn aggregation site.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

HNT: Thirty-four

Crawl out of the darkness
Slide into the inferno divine
Allow my fevered passion
To warm and burn
Consume you


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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


It is the flash of charcoal suiting that initially catches her eye; it is the detail of his cuff, the link, the starched white cotton around the strong wrist and large hand that causes her gaze to stray, that draws her along the path up to his stubbled chin, chiselled nose and molten stare.

But it is his thumb, gingerly and sensuously caressing, stroking, tracing the peaks of his lip, which sends a rippling surge through her spine, which sets the blush high on her cheeks, which leaves her breathlessly, achingly yearning to feel the maddening lightness of his touch.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

HNT: Thirty-three

He tells me he likes pink.
He tells me he likes girlish.
He tells me he’d like to kiss me, taste me, make love to me
on a bed dressed in crisp, white cotton.

Who am I to argue with that?

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Monday, October 18, 2010

The Sweetest Violation

Her eyes, heavy and desiring, chart the path of his hovering form, taking in the detail of his chocolate gaze, the mouth bruised by her kiss, the muscular torso shadowed by the dark matt of wiry curls, eventually locking on the mesmerising grind of his hips and the hardening flesh sliding between the soft, swollen lips of her dripping sex.

Closing in on her, his chest teasingly grazing rosy nipples, hands and fingers gliding over the mounds of her breasts, tracing the line of her taut stomach, possessing her creamy thighs, his heated whispers find her ear as she begins to beg and plead, her sultry whimpering ringing out in the otherwise quiet room.

Unable to hold himself back any longer, he gives in to her and to himself, one strong hand reaching down to stroke the uncut meat glossed with her arousal, the other feeding its thumb into her eager mouth, his eyes now drinking in the sight of her legs widening in readiness, the rising blush on her fair skin, the delicate fingers caressing, snaking, digging into his hips.

Parting her bright folds, his burnished head nudges momentarily at the portal before he sinks headlong, filling her with a deliberate slowness, inch by inch, spreading, stretching, satisfying the plump velvet, inch by inch, his slick cock throbbing, enveloped by her tightness, inch by inch, his thick shaft pulsing as it kisses her needy and intimate depths, inch by inch, her legs winding around the base of his back, inch by inch, her own arching off the bed, inch by inch, their hands a roaming mangle, inch by inch, inch by inch, his ragged breath now joining hers, inch by inch, inch by inch, inch by inch, until he is there, until his glans is pressed against her womb, until their bodies and skin and juices merge, until they are captive, until they are rapt, until they are one in the sweetest violation.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

HNT: Thirty-two

The shadow, the light
Unify and divide
They spread me open
Stretch me wide
They call for your sliding, gliding
Electrifying touch
They long for the slow, teasing journey
Up the silky line
To the velvet
To the pulse
To the heat
Of my desire

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wav(e) of Desire

Into the slim silver box nestled lightly in her palm, she whispers her desire for him, breathing the heat of her need into his ear at an almost painful remove.

Delicate fingers now teasing electrified flesh, she shivers through the words, through the primal need to taste him, to devour his flesh, to tease her clitoris with his cockhead, to cover him in her scorching arousal, to open herself so wide her body might break, to feel his hard, thick cock stretch and fill and fuck her until she screams, until her nails rake his muscular back, until his pounding hips brand her creamy thighs, until their lips reach out for the fiery kiss, until their merged bodies are bathed in the passion all-consuming.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

HNT: Thirty-one

Take me to the place
Where the men are mad
And clad in well-cut cloth

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Sunday, October 3, 2010


I want you
I want you too
I want to lose myself in you
Forget the hour, the day 
The lands that cruelly separate
I want to dive into your body
And simply float away