Cross the threshold, drift into the light, 
Bathe yourself in my danger, my darkness 

Caress the curves, behold this feminine sight
Join me on this odyssey through my deepest desires

Welcome to Love Hate Sex Cake…to the place, the haven, where I submerge myself in the erotic, where I explore my passionate yearnings and experiences, my desire for the wonder of man, my sexuality and sensuality, the intricate layers of my femininity, in word and image.

Here you will find my lustful encounters and longings in prose and poetry, and photographic self-portraiture (for more detail see the ‘Autoportraits’ page), as well as links to my first self-published work and the writers and photographers (and the exquisite accoutrements of a decadent femininity) who arouse and inspire my own musings. 

And if your curiosity extends to my photographic and literary inspirations, as well as the erotic fantasies that fuel my imagination, you might be interested in reading in my first online interview over at the The Writing Buddha.

Now the introductions are said and done, take my hand, sink into the armchair plush, immerse yourself, devour and roam…

~Minx x

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