With the first click of the shutter, I was hooked, smitten.

As I stood in gossamer lingerie, stockings and vertiginous stilettos, my body responding to the music, bathed in a golden glow, the mechanical metallic box seduced me in an instant; its lens, its voyeuristic gaze dissolving any lingering reserve, drawing out the sultry and carnal passions coursing within. 

Since March 2010 (and on joining HNT), self-portraiture has become integral to my creative and erotic expression, allowing me to think and feel in images, to capture my body in a state of desiring (man).

With over 170 photographs on the blog, my ‘Autoportraits’ – which can be accessed via the Autoportraits or HNT labels – have become something of a calling card; a way of revealing my love, lust and sorrow, or even my whimsy, a means of communicating and surprising my lovers and readers, near and afar.

While I’m but a mere amateur, I sincerely hope you enjoy the intimate and erotic imagery on offer here.

(On a photo related note, this extremely fortunate Minx – and her self-portrait – adorn the cover of a certain Easily Aroused English gentleman’s collection of erotic fiction: Concupiscent. Make haste, pay him a visit, you won’t be disappointed. You can trust me on that…)


Lola said...

Lovely Minxx!!!

Really enjoying it.

Cheeky Minx said...

I'm tickled pink you're enjoying them so, Lola...