Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ode to Thievery

Are you worthy of a sonnet, prose or poem or quotation?

Are you worthy of the words composed for lovers near and close, afar?

Are you worthy of the sentiments fashioned from my erotic longings, from my fair body glowing, from my flesh naked in the dark?

Are you worthy of this moment, of this space, of this here pity for your turn of phrase clearly wanting, your pen bone dry, your keyboard useless, rusty?

Are you worthy of the interest, of the fame, renown, the limelight, of the beam created from my pure, white-hot contempt?

Are you worthy of this carnality, this intense, soft femininity, this sensuality overwhelming, this woman unique?

Are you worthy? Are you worthy? Are you worthy?

Dear thieving, pilfering plagiarist, I fear that you are not.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

HNT: Seventy-three

I need you
In the night
When my craving
Overtakes me
When thoughts of you
Will not leave me be

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Be the warmth, be the breath, be the kiss on my soft lips, be the mouth swallowing my rapture, feeding from this shiny bliss.

Be the touch, be the hands, be the fingers weaving through these tresses, be the body I reach out for, the flesh pressed against my suppleness.

Be the smoke, the flame, the fire, be possession and surrender, be the one who gives and takes with softness, lightness, with hard, deep, growling intent.

Be the brave, the unafraid, the being you yearn and need to be, the easy and the intricate, the erotic and the carnal, be that man with me.

Be my junk, be my jones, be my everlasting addiction, the obsession that shatters, slays, destroys me, the passion that revives, refines, perfects.

Be the throb, the ache, the pain, be the cure, the panacea, be my relief, be my remedy, be my medicine.

And I’ll be yours.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

HNT: Seventy-two

In your darkness
I see the light

In your light
True, pure desire

 In your desire
The home for which I long

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ignorance’s Bliss

In the hours and days and weeks that slide imperceptibly away, in the grip of his fire, in the face of his presence, in the space of his absence, in the past tense of his desire, she realises with an almost painful clarity that this is no longer a game. She realises that he is unlike any other, that he is the man of flesh and blood and word and passion, the man ideal, the man flawed that she has always longed to meet. He is the man, he is that man, the one who inspires thoughts profound and profane, who speaks to her erotic and carnal longings, who pierces a place deep inside her she can barely acknowledge, let alone articulate.

She knows this now; knows it her bones, in her cunt and her heart and her soul.

She knows this just as she knows she will soon be forgotten, replaced, leaving the barest whisper of a trace. She knows this just as she knows she will never be that woman for him, he will never want her as she wants him, he will never want in the inquisitive, complex and complete ways that overtake her as the sun shines bright, that taunt her in the darkness, in her dreaming even as she prays to forget, that sweep over her petite form as she splays her legs wide, as she grinds her hips, her palm into her throbbing sex, as she nudges the flimsy cotton aside and spreads her bright lips to circle the nub of her purest pleasure, as she pushes in one digit, then two, then three, as she fingers, as she fucks with animal abandon, with feminine sensuality, her moans, her raged breath bringing him back to life once again, her moans, her murmurs placing him right before her eyes, by her side, her moans, her murmurs, her call to him flooding her ears with his voice, her mouth with his kiss, her senses with his skin and weight and burning need, her moans, her murmurs, her call, her cry binding, enslaving, plunging her headlong into the abyss shadowed and blinding.

As the sheen on her bare, shivering body glistens in the low, winter light, she knows this; she knows all of this. And how she wishes instead for ignorance’s bliss.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

This Life

“This is it. This is all there is. And I feel like it’s slipping through my fingers like a handful of sand.”
                                  Don Draper, Mad Men 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

HNT: Seventy-one

Float away with me
On a soft, white cloud
Of dreams

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Monday, July 11, 2011


With each utterance, with each exhaled breath and lingering look, with each touch aching, light, caress bruising, possessing, with each brush of your lips, each languid, searching kiss, with every inch of your body pressed into my nakedness, with every plunge, every thrust, every stroke of your thick aroused flesh, with every whisper, every groan, every pulse, every beat of the muscle in your broad, heaving chest, you draw me in, you hold me tight, you drown me in your danger, you seduce me anew. 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Book: 'Sinfully Sensuous'

I’ve been a busy minx of late: busy with pen, busy with lens, busy dressing up and then dressing … all the way down.

As I hinted a little while back, this flurry of activity has resulted in a book, and a very specific one at that: a collection of self-portraits and erotica titled Sinfully Sensuous (adopted from a memorable tag most generously bestowed by the swoon worthy Shibari).

The book, which takes its inspiration from the HNT posts here on the blog, brings together over 80 photographs and vignettes including a variety of favourites as well as more than 30 new images designed specifically for the page.

Available in soft cover and hard bound versions from Blurb, Sinfully Sensuous will be a way to have and to hold – and hopefully enjoy – a little piece of me and my creations. And that, I must confess, leaves me feeling very sinful and sensuous indeed…

Minx x

HNT: Seventy

It takes all of her strength not to reach out to him.

It takes every ounce of her self-control not to arch up to meet the hand adorned by the crisp, white cuff and platinum link, not to give her body over to his touch familiar and new, possessing and sweet. It takes all of her restraint, all of her will not to give in to the urge to trail her slender fingers over the smoothness of the gleaming leather, to run her hands up along the warmth radiating through the charcoal Italian wool, to map the muscular calves, the tensing thighs, to tease and stroke then devour the throbbing hardness nestled between his legs, to splay herself, open herself, reveal her fiery brightness to the flesh that perfects her. It takes everything she has, everything she is not to instinctively surrender to the passions, the impulses, the carnality this man inspires with little effort and action.

It takes everything, all things, this desire for him. It takes, it strips, it breaks, it pieces her back together again.

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