Sunday, December 30, 2012

In the Palm of His Hand

The gesture is simple, the touch so complex that the slumbering little muscle slams instantly against her breast, the roar of blood in her ears draining away all sound as he takes one small step, filling the hollow, reclaiming his place, his hand reaching up to tenderly welcome her face, his palm at rest on her cheek now healing the breach, strong fingers drawing quiet circles on the softness of her nape, his caress, his caress, his caress finally speaking the words he cannot say, betraying the desire, his failure to forget, his inability to neglect the yearning, the need to have her once again with a completeness that leaves him on the verge, running to the edge, plunging into the breath and the life and the pleasure sensual and decadent which stirs his body, which hardens his cock, which murmurs sweetly, screams savagely to the truth of his soul in the long dark dead of night.

But it is only once she dares to meet his gaze that her heart truly breaks and her body shatters with it, revealing all she had attempted to shield and hide away, releasing the flood of her passion, the fine cotton around her hips sodden in barely a moment, the scorched glisten breaking the barrier, dripping, clinging to the creamy skin between her thighs, marking her body as his, etching his name on the smoothness, on her mound, on the scarlet lips plump and shining with the craving for his mouth and his tongue and his flesh, his flesh, his flesh, the thick uncut shaft that has her longing, yearning, that has her body arching and hurtling to the light, that has her now spreading her legs for him the glare of the day, that has him sliding two fingers into her needy sex, that has them crooked to find that little honeyed spot, his thumb brushing with an aching lightness over her clitoris, that has him fingering her cunt until the muscles in his arm are ready to tear themselves to shreds, until she grasps his shoulders, her tongue rasping his lobe, her voice reduced to a sultry whisper, his name on her lips again a moan, her cunt clutching at his fingers, her orgasm taking her to breath’s end, her come, her come, her come hot and sweetly pungent in the palm of his hand, in the palm, in the hand holding her tight, holding her close, holding her in the hopes she never lets him go.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

HNT: Réunion

The summer shimmers beyond these walls, but this body gleams not merely with the season. It is my heat, our fire, this passion for you that smoulders in my core, that drums its beat in my heart, in my sex, in my soul, that rises up and prickles my skin, that transforms each thought into a sensual yearning, a carnal craving often too great to endure.

Yet once our bodies touch, once we come together, every kiss, every taste, every caress, every thrust of hips and stroke of hot hard perfecting flesh feels inexplicably new and unknown, feels just like home, feels right, so right to be here with you again, lips pressed in softly, limbs entwined, the two of us exhausted from our love making listening to the sounds of the twilight and the day shutting itself in to settle into night, to settle into darkness and an enveloping embrace that closes the gulf, that erases the space, our time apart, that brings me back to the place I truly belong.

(Remember to knock on Osbasso’s door to see the return of all the gorgeous HNT players…)

Friday, December 21, 2012


You speak the force of your desire
And leave me breathless
Gasping, desperate
To indulge your flesh

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

e[lust] #42

Photo courtesy of Penny

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Femme Fatale

There’s something you need to know…

I care little for your ruin. In fact, it’s the very thing I want to secure.

I want to spend, devour and break you. I want to feast on your flesh, leaving nothing for another. I want to strip away every vestige of your self-control.

I want to stroke your shaft, feel the weight of your thickening and hardening glans, your flesh throbbing, insistent, incessant, my thumb smearing the first pearl of precum across your burnished head, my soft mouth following suit to envelope you, savour you, suck you until I feel the first surge of your seed glossing my lips, my tongue.

I want to entwine my fingers around your naked cock, part the plump lips of my sex and feed you into my sodden cunt with an aching slowness that will leave you begging for swiftness, pleading for the knowledge of my pulsing depths.

I want to fuck you with a languid sensuality, with fire and anger and urgency, my lithe body arching above you as I feel your come erupting violently inside me, coating the velvet of my cunt with its slickness, as I clutch at you, milking every last precious drop, as I orgasm over and again hotly over your cock.

I want to kiss your mouth, inhale your breath, swallow your groan, my whispered name, your wanton words.

I want to leave you a shivering mess.

But more than this, I want – need – your crazed passion, the intensity of your lust to rise up, to scream though your skin, to exact its own revenge upon me, to tear my desire for you to shreds, to crush me by the same pitiless means, annihilating this hunger, this craving for good.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Do you recall the sound of my pleasure, my breath and my voice as I come? Do you remember the way I exhale your name as I tease my clitoris, as I finger my cunt? Do you recollect the ragged whispers, the moans, my half-spoken pleas, as your hands take hold of my hips, as you drive your burnished glans into my depths, as your kiss finds my lips, as you fuck me, possess me with a sweet savagery that leaves me captivated, addicted, obsessed?

Do you remember? Do you recall?

They were the very sounds that filled this room as I touched myself and thought of you, as time stopped and space closed itself in, as my body arched off the chair, as my orgasm crashed over me, as the air was overwhelmed with the scent of sex and the cry of my passion, as my want and desire and need for you clawed through the pretence, crawled up through my core, rose up through this flesh, returning to haunt me, to taunt this woman once again.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


It is in softness I bloom, shrouded in your flesh, beneath your body, inside your touch, in your breath and your lingering kiss, as your hands ease me down, draw me out, unravel this desire, as your lips trace and savour the silken arching line, as your hardness slides into my succulence, as my scarlet sex drips its ache, its want, its honeyed heat onto the bronzed glow of your skin.

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Day breaks and with it another season and the light and the heat pierce with a force that has me rising up to meet them, to join with them my own ignited flesh, the skin prickled with the fine sheen that has me gleaming, the body shivering with the intensity that once easily drew you in, the body insistent on its yearning even as the mind vows to thwart and forget, the hands that reach for you in the spaces now vacant beside me, the arms that clutch, that hold, that touch the woman in your absence, your name a whisper on her lips, in the ether a roar.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

From the Inside

From the inside, from the inside, I long to hold you from the inside, my body yearns to wrap itself about you, around your hot hard throbbing flesh, to be filled by you so absolutely all other thought makes little sense, to have you part my lips with your glistening head, to have you poised at the portal, my thighs a fair and silken frame, to have you ease your cock into my cunt with an aching slowness that takes our breath away, to have you emerge slick and hungry, drenched in the enduring trace of my lust, to have you hover once more, to have you tease me, to have you slide your pulsing glans through my cleft, to have you brush the tender pearl, to have you inflame the craving now too great to bear, to have you surrender to our only want, this urgent need, your shaft inside me again where it rightly belongs, the sweet succulence of my cunt enveloping, embracing, drawing you close, inch by glorious inch, these rippled velvet walls instinctively clutching, gripping at your flesh, my hips rising up, my body giving itself to you, bringing you into my very depths, milking you, my body begging you to come, milking the fiery seed that will violently rise up and bathe me, drown me, perfect me, mark me as yours from the inside, from the inside, from within.

Sunday, November 25, 2012


 Touch me

Taste me
Bathe me
In your white

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


“Of the wonderful things that you get out of life there are four.”
                                                                 – ‘Four,’ Miles Davis

Miles Davis was right. Four is a special key to this sweet, little life. For the jazz great, the magnificent things this existence brings are truth, honour, happiness and love.

They are the very same for me, with the exception that love leads me to a place where I can honour the woman I have become, where I can be a true version of my sensual, desiring self, where I can be happy and creatively free with pen and lens alike. It leads me here, to the four diminutive words of the cyber home that means so very much to me.

Now, this number has taken on a truly lustrous form thanks to the honour bestowed upon me by Rori from Between My Sheets and her list of the Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2012. To Rori, my warmest gratitude for her tireless work and this generous recognition, which leaves me giddy and, most of all, inspired. My heartfelt thanks also to the talented Easily Aroused, Lady Dragonfly and Southern Sir for their humbling nominations and support, and to you
friends, readers, writers, lovers   for your enduring encouragement and presence. While writing and shooting are my own compulsions, your company and comments not only allow me to see myself reflected in your gaze, but they also offer a conversation, an exchange, a sense of belonging and kinship that never fails to curve these lips into a smile.

On the subject of smiling, below are the links to the other 99, to the ones we know and love, to the ones we are yet to discover, to the ones who will leave us grinning and longing, to the ones we should all devour with erotic leisure and pleasurable haste.   
~Minx x


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100. YOU! As always, I want to leave a place on this list for ALL the awesome sex bloggers out there! So please leave a comment on Between My Sheets with your name/URL to tell us about your sexy blog!

Sunday, November 18, 2012


It is in the nocturne’s quiet, in its deepest, darkest shadows, that I feel you, that I sense you near, that I crave your approach, surrender willingly to your presence, to the urgency of your lust as you weave your fingers through these tousled curls and your kiss finds the perfumed arc of my neck, as your mouth pressed against my ear hotly whispers I am yours alone to keep and take, as your hands glide along my curves, as they bend me forward at the waist, as they ease me wide apart, your gaze transfixed by the aching gleam between my thighs, my body pushing back to meet you, silently pleading for the carnal, the sensual, the intensity promised in your touch, silently pleading for its annihilation, its rebirth at your hand and your hard, insatiable flesh.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hope's Return

Even though we have never met, even though my kiss has never lingered upon your mouth, even though my fingers have never caressed your naked flesh, I greet the dawn aching for you, aching to find you, aching to press my body into yours, aching for the softness and the violence born of this passionate need, aching to give myself completely, to indulge you absolutely, to be the woman you long to hold, the woman whose complexities you will eagerly embrace, the light and shade, my push and pull, the urgency, impatience, the imperfections that have driven others away.

But more than this, I ache today for hope’s return, for the faith, for the belief that you are out there, somewhere, waiting for me.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Once you find me
Once your gaze settles to rest
Once you reach out to seduce
With an aching lightness
Time and space no longer exist
The distance between us closes in
And my secrets are forever yours


To my readers, friends and lovers, to the men and women and muses, who have inspired me with pen and lens, who have encouraged the expression of my simplicity and complexity, who have opened my mind, body and heart in ways I have only dared to imagine, my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for your warmth, your affection, your enduring support and an unforgettable three years.

~Minx x

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Weariness sweeps over me, my mind and body spent. And even as this haze overtakes me, arresting my motion, tenderly easing me down onto the bed, compelling the nakedness newly fragrant and warm from the drops and the steam to a state of slumber and rest, it is you I crave, it is you and your body bare and unadorned, your own naked form moving toward me, slicing through the darkness as if in the sweetest of dreams, your body gleaming, shimmering, the last rays of the moon drawing a streak from your mouth and its heated breath to the wiry curls on your chest to your muscled abdomen and the hollow of your hip to the taunt tendons of your forearm as your stroke your hardening and thickening shaft, the cock rigid and throbbing with desire, hungry for the embrace of my most intimate flesh, tempted towards the slender legs now splayed open wide, the delicate fingers teasing apart glistening lips, the voice pleading for your touch, for your carnal invasion, for your sensual caress, for the moment you kneel between my thighs and drive your naked cock in one breathtaking thrust to the hilt, your mouth swallowing my moan, your kiss finding my breast, my need for more of you, for all of you, my body arching up to meet you, my calves pressed into the small of your back, our fingers laced, eyes locked, our bodies poised, entwined, cast as one, moulded together, forever by the night.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

L'Amour Fou

You’ve marked my mind, my body with insanity, this heart, this desire with uncertainty, the night once my comfort now the enemy, the shadows taking on your spectral form to haunt me, your phantom a reminder of revelations urged from deep within me, the myopic passion you inspire so easily, the moments I laid bare my simplicity, complexity, this woman adrift in the sensory deep.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wicked Game

Are you ready?
Are you willing?
Are you brave enough to take me?
Do you have the courage for the completeness that I crave?

Are you hungry?
Are you yearning?
Are you now aching to touch me?
Does your hard and eager flesh betray this boundless wicked game?

Friday, October 12, 2012


If I whisper my plea, if I exhale my need, if I dare to utter my longing to explore all that we crave and desire, would you come to me, would you close the distance between us, would you fuse your body to mine, would you give yourself to this moment, would you hold me in the day’s fading light?

Monday, October 8, 2012


It isn’t always about the suit.

It isn’t always about your sartorial refinement and the way it sets my erotic imagination racing, the way it captures my attention, arrests my gaze, compelling my hands to wander along the lines that accentuate your commanding masculinity, my palms sliding along the charcoal lapels, my digits fingering the fine weave as I register the heat rising up through the suiting, the beat of your heart through the starched cotton, the almost painful pulsation of your cock drumming against my mound and my thigh, the glans aching for the cool air and the wet warmth of my mouth ever craving, its only release the streaming precum soaking the shorts concealed beneath. 

It isn’t always about the suit.

It isn't always about the contrast between your clothed form and the scant, diaphanous silks drawn tight across my body, your touch gliding, absorbing supple curves and undulations, transitioning from nylon to lace to soft femininity, as your fingers wind themselves into my tresses, this woman a slave to your kiss and caress as you walk me back, as you lower me onto the table, your strong hands running along my stockinged legs, spreading them wide to meet the periphery, your fingers pulling aside the drenched panties to reveal the bright gleam of my lust, to ease your thick cock inside me with a slowness that has me trembling, clutching at your sleeves, my cunt grasping, swallowing your hardness, my hands gripping at threads, drawing you close, drawing you ever closer, your weight bearing down, your tongue finding the crimson of my taut peak, your hips thrusting that last inch of your flesh to my limit as I cry out your name, my back arching off the wood, my body wrapped in and around you, my body and yours prematurely on pleasure’s edge.

It isn’t always about the suit.

It isn’t always about the stains of our lust conspicuous on the front of your trousers or the flash of dark wiry curls glimpsed through the gaps in your shirt or the graze of your cuff on my nape or the chill of your link on my skin or my wrists bound together with the black silk of your necktie as you finally run your tongue along my sweet succulence or the musky scent of leather that rushes through my nostrils as I take hold of your belt to bring your cockhead to my lips or the sweat and the sheen that fuse these fabrics, our bodies together as you place my hands on the stucco and take me from behind with an urgent hunger that mirrors my own, your hands pushing up the tightness of my skirt, shredding the lace, parting me open, your shaft sliding in with an effortlessness that somehow draws all the breath from my lungs, your fingers strumming my clitoris, your naked cock plunging in deep, emerging slick and triumphant even in this
alleyway dimly lit, your cock possessing my cunt, your force pinning me to the wall, my muffled pleas for more, for more, for your come, for your scorched seed inside me, the sound of our fucking, my mewl and your groan merging with the traffic's hum.

No, it isn’t always about the suit. But today it would seem that it is.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Ease me back
Glide me down
Tease it all away
Reveal my naked desire
To your gaze

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hold Me Close

Hold me close
Then take me
Make me forever yours

Friday, September 21, 2012


I feel it. I feel it now.

I feel it in my trembling flesh and coursing blood, in the core of these very bones, in the sheen prickling my skin, in those parts of my body that do not possess the powers of speech, in those places within me that commune with the shadows, with the dangerous darkness at my feet.

I feel it. I feel it now.

I feel it with a force that stops me dead in my tracks, that presses me hard against this chill, that leaves me clutching and shielding, desperate to bare myself to your gaze, to your kiss, to the nuance of your touch, to the man and his strength, to the perfection of your flesh.

I feel it. I feel it now.

I feel this desire for you, this desire to know you, to know you absolutely, to know you in the process of being, to know you with a completeness that leaves us drunk and consumed and careening out of control, plunging into the depths of our unique and mutual yearnings.

I feel it. I feel it now.

I feel it all just as I feel you here with me, just as I feel the urgent and sensual passions that fuel your need, that pique your mind and excite your body, that taunt you as you mingle in the crowd, as you move through your day, as you immerse yourself in those rare moments of solitude, as your stroke your nakedness imagining my hands and lips, my trailing locks upon your skin, as you coax your shaft to thicken and harden, as you rouse the lover, the beast within, as you bring me close, as you draw me near, as you press my breast into your thudding heartbeat, as you lure my aching cunt to your cock, as we meet and fuse and fuck and make love, as we whisper and moan and release, as we close our eyes, as we sink into the night, our bodies together and free.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Before you leave me, before you reluctantly rise out of the tangled mess of the bed, before you run your hand along the table top, stroking the gleaming mahogany where our fused bodies exhausted their lust, before you step into the shower recess where you bathed me with the drops and the steam, with luxurious suds and your sensual caress, before I pat you dry, my lips brushing along the path of the towel, kissing each hollow of newly washed skin, before you dress and adorn and piece yourself together once more, each stitch in its rightful, sartorial place, I want to slide into the crisp white cotton of your shirt, my body engulfed by the fabric spectre of your imposing form, I want to bury my nose in your collar, envelop myself in your heady scent, I want to radiate into the weave my own warmth and perfume, the sweet aroma of my flesh, I want to glide its opening through the pouting lips of my cunt, staining each thread with the heat of my desire, leaving behind an indelible mark of my craving, my need to have you over and again.

Monday, September 17, 2012

e[lust] #40

Photo courtesy of @iSlut_ of A Slut's Memoir

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~ This Week’s Top Three Posts ~
The Bitch is Back - The temperature at the table drops several degrees. “Like that?,” I say. ”Is that what you want?”
On Women Who Like Sex - I like sex as much as any man I know. I am not a weirdo, I am not a slut, and I am not in any excessive danger.
Secret Secretary- There she was in the reception room on my couch, lying on her back, legs spread, skirt hiked up over her torso, her hands frantically feeling between her legs.

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Violet Dawn

You are far from reach. And yet I wake with you. This inexplicable and enigmatic violet dawn, it breaks with you, with your scent filling this room, with your name on my lips, with the warmth of your skin somehow radiating through these hands, on these fingertips that cannot help but replace your touch, on the tips that vainly attempt to replicate your caress, on the tips, on the crimson peaks, on the creamy skin, on the scarlet flesh, on the woman ever yearning for your perfection.

Monday, September 10, 2012


It shatters as soon as your touch finds me.

It is destroyed, in tatters as soon your fingers trace the taut lines suspending the nylon sheathing my legs, as you brush away the delicate hands covering my modesty to reveal to your gaze, to your caress the bare mound, the impossibly smooth lips, the scarlet cunt dripping its want, its need onto my thighs, soaking the ebony stocking tops.

It is destroyed, this woman in ruins as I gasp, whimper, shiver, my body at long last betraying itself, betraying me and my desire and this passion for you, the wall pressed into my back my only support as you clutch at me, your palm registering the pulsation of my sex, your palm a cup for my slippery lust, your thumb stroking with a whispering softness the pearl you long to take between your hungry lips.

Once your touch finds me, once your caress begins to know me, once you lift me up and open me wide and ease your thick uncut cock inside me with a deliberate slowness that leaves me struggling for breath and for thought and for speech, that leaves its indelible mark on my most intimate flesh, that leaves me feeling you, feeling every inch of you, that has my cunt grasping, swallowing, feeding off your hard throbbing heat, that has my fingers digging into your back, clawing at the stucco, that has my legs wound tight around your waist, that has me aching and craving for more, I lose all control, my poise drains away and my body, this body, it gives itself over to you, it gives itself over to me, it gives, it surrenders utterly, completely.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


You come to me, touch me, you leave me 
Trembling, transfixed, breathless, bewitched 
By the gleam of your white-hot desire

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sacred Pulse

Sacred pulse
beat, beat, beating
At the heart, in this temple
beat, beat, beating
Taunting ceaseless
beat, beat, beating
The beast pitiless
beat, beat, beating
Your spectre caressing, suspended
beat, beat, beating
Flesh hard, burnished, cleaving
beat, beat, beating
Lips, tongue, gaze penetrating
beat, beat, beating
Woman unguarded, bountiful
beat, beat, beating
Passionate rains breaking
beat, beat, beating
Sacred pulse, hallowed rhythm
beat, beat, beating
Born to haunt the night

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


The morning breaks, the songbird heralds its dawn and I want you, I want you here, I want you here with me, your strong body pressed in close, eyes sleepily drifting across my curves, your hands caressing this aching softness, transitioning from cotton to warmth to cashmere, lazily tracing the beauty spots speckling my skin, your sigh, my moan, our whispers, the words of your lust, your yearning, your need to taste, to savour, to have me come hotly on your tongue, against your lips, in your mouth before you rise up and tenderly take hold, spreading me wide, revealing my brightness, my glistening desire to the room, to your gaze and your hardening flesh, my body arching, arcing, the feline now awakened as your breath, your urgent thirst make landfall at last.

Friday, August 24, 2012


Tease away this cover
Whisper into me your secrets
Caress me, possess me with your silk

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I envy her. I envy them all.

All of the women lucky enough to encounter you, to chance upon you on the street, in the underground, out in the world as you pass them by, the ones able to catch the briefest glimpse, the ones who can treat themselves to the lingering gaze, the ones who please your eye and arouse your passions, the ones able to brush against your imposing frame or have you press your body into them in the peak hour rush on the crowded train. 

I envy them, I do. All of the women fortunate enough to have you, to know you, to truly know you, to be with you, each and every day, privileged enough to bring you into their lives, to bring you in tight, to bring you in close, into their bodies, into their ache, into the velvet heat craving your thick, hard perfecting flesh. I covet the moments they share with you, the moments and minutes and hours they are able to reach out and touch you, to caress your mouth oh so sensually with their lips, the mouth always longing for one more kiss, to trace its peaks with their soft and slippery tongues, to glide their hands along the finely cut Italian suiting to feel, to register, to memorise the blistering heat, your rapid heartbeat.

And as I sit here on this cold and lonely night, I wonder if they indulge you completely, if they spoil you as I would do, if they selfishly take their own pleasure, if you sate their overwhelming desires and needs, the ones you so easily inspire in me, if they satiate your hunger with their skin and their cunts and their feminine suppleness, if you satisfy their greed with your hands and your cock and your mouth and your mind and the masculinity that invariably leaves me in a daze.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Baby, baby, baby...
You know you do me wrong
But then you make it up to me
Then you set me right
Your body pressed into my hollow
Your hands roaming my soft skin
Your searing flesh plunged into my depths
The blaze, our fire, the sweetest sin

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Two or Three Things I (Didn’t) Know About Her…

… Although, in my case, it’s more a matter of 16.

Thanks to the very generous Buddha from The Writing Buddha and The Infinite Ache – and his thought-provoking and tantalising questions – you can learn a little about me in my first online interview.

So, if your curiosity extends to my photographic and literary inspirations, my definition of “sexy” and the erotic fantasies that fuel my imagination, as well as the one thing that might surprise my readers, then please click the link and pay us a visit.  

And while the interview isn’t quite a Godardian critique as this post title might suggest, I’m hoping you (and he) will approve of this unveiling.


~Minx x

(PS Once you're done, I'm hoping you'll find your way back here as I've been busy with my favourite camera once again...)

Thursday, August 9, 2012



Tell me the truth. What is it you want from me? Really want? Just say whatever is inside you…

I want to know you. All of you. Your body, your desires, your mind. Your heart. Your soul. The man.

I want to fuck you and make love to you. I want to indulge you in every way you can imagine, in all the ways my own passion can conceive.

I want to kiss you; I want to kiss your mouth, the strong line of your neck, the deep, smooth hollow of your hip. I want to kiss your cock; I want to worship it, taste you, savour your entire body with my lips and my tongue.

I want to caress your body in the dark, my hands touching, tracing, discovering each muscle and tendon and wiry curl, these fingers skimming, teasing the softness of your skin.

I want to drift off into my dreaming with your nakedness wound into mine, your breath on my neck, the beat of your heart on my back, your cock nestled between my cheeks.

I want to wake in the night and find you there beside me, in the place I always long for you to be. I want to rouse you from your slumber with my breasts pressed into your chest, my sex sliding along your thick, hard heat.

I want to wake with you, watch the sun rise with you, kiss the points where the sunlight meets your golden skin. I want to inhale your scent, committing it all to memory so I can recall you an instant when you're not here.

I want to talk and dance and walk with you; I want to laugh and sing and eat. I want to listen to your voice, the accented rumble that leaves me weak.

I want to be still with you, hushed and quiet, allowing my body to speak, allowing this body to tell you of the passion that has been taunting me for the past two years.

I want to hold your hand; I want to press myself in close, your fingers travelling their instinctive path, your palms finding their home in every curve of my slight frame.

I want to possess you in the open, for all eyes to see; I want you to take me, fuck me until I cry out your name, until my cunt releases the flood, until you fill me with your searing cream, until this body divides and just as quickly unites, until I can no longer count the time I have spent at the edge, in the rays of your blinding light.

I want to have these walls drip with our sweat; I want them to absorb our heated libations. I want to them to soak up our scent, the sweet musk of our come, the passion consumed and yet forever consuming.

I want to be free, I want to be bound to you; I want to touch you with my warmth and affection. I want to be free; I want us both to be free, unafraid to open ourselves to this feeling.

I want to submerge myself in you; I want to explore with you.

With you, I want it all.