Monday, April 30, 2012

Jump Cut

Fitful sleep. A night of sirens, police choppers, climbing, roaring, planes. Tossing, turning, this weary body unable to rest. Sleep, sweet sleep, but only for a few precious moments, awoken again by the shadows clawing, touching, dancing across the walls. Waking at dawn, eyes stinging from little slumber, the birds singing, intermittently breaking the silence of the world around me safely tucked up in its bed.

And now, now, a restlessness born from the phantoms of the night, from the visions of the figure hovering over me, and now, now, a disquiet born from this yearning, this craving constant, unerring to have you, to have you, to have you in my bed, to have your hands on my body, to have you in my sex, to have you in every way I imagine, in every way I’ll never forget, in all the ways that hurtle through this mind, this body, this sexual soul, the images, the visions, whirring, racing, my fingers seeking out the soft, aching centres of pure sensation, the images, the visions flashing, rushing, jump cuts, time fragmented, space morphed, broken, each scene barely lingering, there and gone before it is present, an assault on my senses, scent and tang and the musk of naked bodies, the light, the darkness, the dim afternoon, that sultry jazz ballad weaving, binding us together, the rain splattering, the storm raging, the sun blistering our skin, your tongue tracing the outline of my lips, the kiss gentle then bruising, our mouths mashed together, hungry, devouring, clothes torn, shredded, your strength bending me backwards, bending me over the arm of the sofa, my breasts pressed into the table cold and wooden, your cockhead teasing my clitoris, your thumb feeding itself into my mouth, my lips and tongue suckling, devouring, fellating, craving most of all the cock standing proud between your legs, the collision of flesh, flesh on flesh, man in woman in a heated, carnal frenzy, my hand around your cock sliding you effortlessly into my hot, plump sodden cunt, my back arching, my legs wrapped tight around your waist, rubbing, sliding, sweat fusing, separating, our bodies on the floor fucking hard and mad and loud, my body beneath you, rising up to meet you, to have you inside me, another part of me, your cock swallowed by my cunt, your thick hard shaft teasing, gliding between the impossibly smooth dripping lips of my sex, my tongue licking the pearl of precum nestled in your head, your hand inside my panties as the movie screen flickers, as the sound booms around us, your fingers pressing inside me, curled and tucked, fucking me, killing me softly, my mouth moaning into the cock gliding between my lips, sucking you, willing you to come, willing your come to rise up and drown and mark and own me, your face between my legs, on your knees, licking and eating my cunt in that dark sheltered alleyway, the bustle of the city just a few short metres away, your eyes, your face, your mouth, your words of lust whispered hotly into my ear, your stubble on my neck, on my thighs, the globes of my arse, your flesh buried deep inside that forbidden virginal place, your flesh buried deep, deep, so deep, finding that little death and once again life, your flesh, your flesh, your come, my own fingers a fucking, fingering blur, my body spread out, this body breaking, my gasp, my moan, your name, my cry, your name ringing out, shattering, shattering the hush, demolishing the bricks and mortar of this haunted little room.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In the Midnight Dark

I search for you, wait for you in the night, this body reaching, reaching through the shadows, reaching for the man, the one, for you, this woman crying for the sweet kiss of your heat, for the communion of our flesh, for the meeting of desire, for the sensual, the lingering, for the frenzied, intimate embrace, for the shelter, the danger, for the forbidden pleasures of the midnight dark.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Always will be
My greatest
My only

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


It is only once your eyes, your lips, your hands are upon me, revealing my secrets, the mysteries of my most intimate flesh, it is only once we are joined here together, man plus woman, skin on skin, sex in sex, it is only once you bathe me in your heat, your sweat, your essence, your shimmering afterglow, does this want, this need, this lustful passion of mine make any sense.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Beauty Spot

He stands against the door, spellbound by the body on the bed, transfixed by the contrast of the black lingerie drawn tight against her fair skin, the delicate fingers slowly drawing down the cups of lace, the pert breasts topped with the palest pink and the crimson peaks he longs to take in turn between his lips, the creamy thighs splaying themselves languorously, the slender stockinged legs leading the way to the bloom demurely revealing itself, the petals throbbing, fluttering, glistening, the scarlet core dripping its sweet nectar, leaving him in no doubt of her desire.

Snapped out of his voyeuristic daze by her moan, he approaches with a composure at odds with the beast rising up inside him, with the primal urge to unzip himself, exposing the thick, insistent flesh between his legs and plunging it into the depths of her searing heat in one selfish stroke that would have her crying out his name in an instant.

Rather than giving in to this urgency – an urgency he now senses within her also as her scent begins to overpower the room – his gaze continues its teasing caress, travelling over the detail of the blue eyes with their long ebony lashes, the full sensuous mouth demanding to be kissed, the line of her neck, the hollow of her collarbone, the swell of her abdomen, the flare of her hips. And the two heart-shaped spots of beauty on her inner left thigh.

As his large hands finally take hold of her, sliding along the entire length of her body, up and down, down and up, her raspy breath the sweetest song, he makes a mental note to kiss the little twin hearts, tenderly, sensually, after he has fucked her with long, strong thrusts, after she has shuddered and screamed, begging for more, pleading him to stop, to kiss the little twin hearts, tenderly, sensually, after she has come hotly over his naked cock, after he has erupted with a violence that nearly tears him apart, to kiss the little twin hearts, tenderly, sensually, before leaving by their side his own unique and indelible mark.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


With your gentle touch, you soothe, seduce, you captivate. With your urgency, the force of your lust, you hold me in your palm, immobilise, you pin me hard, this woman a willing captive in wait.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I long for you, I long to see you, right here, right now, right at this very moment, I long to see you stripped bare, your sartorial elegance reduced to a pile on the parquetry, your deep dark eyes on mine, your skin glowing, your imposing nakedness glistening, the low light dancing off the dark curls shadowing your body as you stand before me, as you touch yourself, as you stroke yourself for me, your muscular legs framing, your hips swaying, your forearm taut as you control, as you seduce the burnished glans in your fist.

Would you do that for me? Would you stroke your cock for me?

Would you allow me to watch you, would you allow this exhibitionist turned voyeur to sit in that armchair in the corner of my room clad in nothing but the black suspenders and stockings that dig deliciously into my lily white skin? Would you permit me to watch you stroke your throbbing shaft, your fingers easing back the foreskin, your thumb circling your oozing cockhead, your hand cupping your laden balls? Would you let me watch you, my sapphire gaze heavy with desire, skimming over your body, committing to memory every detail, my ears drowning in the sound of your breath, your voice, your affirmations, your groans as your take yourself to the edge? Would you let me watch you as I tease my own flesh, this body shivering, aching as I sink two fingers into my slick cunt, as I circle the plumpness of my clitoris, as I tease the rosy peaks of my fair breasts? Would you allow me to watch you, to watch you stroke yourself before I close the space between us, before my delicate hand pushes yours aside to take over, before my fingers are drenched in your heat, your scent? Would you stroke yourself for me, erupting loudly, violently only once I can bear the torture no longer, once I plead for you to come, once I beg for your come, your seed raining down upon my breasts, my belly, my thighs, running down the hungry lips of my mouth, the swollen lips of my cunt?

Would you do that for me? Would you stroke your cock for me? Would you show me the way to please you, to indulge the man, to pleasure his body, to sate your lustful passions with my hands, my lips, my tongue, my most intimate flesh, to take you to that brink of exhaustion and then revive you, over and over and over again?

Would you do that for me? Would you show yourself to me? Lover, would you show me the way?