Saturday, June 30, 2012


Weave your fingers, take possession
Bring me close, entice me near
Tease the ruby lips pining to be parted

Feed your flesh into me
Glide your shaft down my throat
Fuck my pretty mouth
Make love to this tongue hungering

Then come for me
Hard and loud and violent
Come for me
Splash your metal, your steely tang
Then come for me
Give me the flowing river, the ferocious surge
Come for me
Paint this kitten, coat her with your cream
Then come for me
Brand my lips, my breasts, my cunt
Come for me
Sate my craving for the gloss of man

Thursday, June 28, 2012


From the tips of these Titian curls

To the pink peaks of this soft flesh

You set me ablaze

You melt down my core

This woman your fire

Thursday, June 21, 2012


This velvet

Against my skin

This velvet
Dripping its heat

This velvet

Without your flesh
Merciless, incomplete

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

In Black and White

It's there, right there, in black and white, glowing on the screening, screaming off the page.
It's here, right here, with the simplest of clicks, the tinniest of taps, it's here for me see.
It’s here, it’s there, as bright as day, as dark as this winter's night, for me, for all, for her to feel.
It’s there, it’s here, glaring at me, toying with me, knotting my stomach, gripping my body, crazing my mind.
It’s there, it’s here, your desire. Your desire.
But now it’s your desire, your passion, your ardour, your hard dripping fire for another, fashioned in the language you love so well, in the words that once played our own erotic game, in the poetry that was mine, in the prose you spilled for my aching flesh, in the verse that tumbled from these very lips, in the tongue now piqued by the curves, the sensuality, the femininity of this other woman.
It’s there, it’s here, your desire, in the deep shadows of black, in the blinding rage of white. 

It’s here, it’s there, your desire. Your desire and my jealousy.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Innocence and Sin

At once
Light and shade
Vice and virtue
Your woman
Of innocence and sin

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Second Skin

When our bodies kiss, when they at long last meet, my skin is no longer hers, yours no longer his.

When we come together, when we are lost to the world but found to each other, when our passion is as one, this second skin of sweat and of fire and of glistening libations, this second skin of man and of woman, of limbs entwined, of uncontrolled pulsation, this second skin conceived of the fever, the hunger, our erotic abandon, this second skin born of the night devoured, the flesh for the taking, this second skin hard and fixed, silken and yielding, this second skin delivers the sweetest possession, the cruellest of freedoms.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


All day, every day, as the clock ticks, as my clock tocks, my desire, my body they take me to you, opening, revealing, offering themselves to the secrets of your lust, transporting me in an instant to the white expanse of the bed, to the pull of the straps, the softness of silk, the slippery nylon sheathing these smooth, fair legs, to your hands seizing me, suspending my motion, holding me tight, in place for your addictive possession, to your lips caressing my soft skin, to your tongue savouring my burning flesh, to your fingers teasing the sodden ebony mesh, to your impatient cock plunging in, your thick hardness filling me to the brim, to our bodies furiously meeting, sensuously melding, to our bodies fused together in a moment without end.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Agony and the Ecstasy

This is torture. This desire, this need.

I’m so wet right now. Soaked, aching. My cunt is screaming, screaming for you. For you and only you. For your nakedness, for your hardness, for your body’s kiss.

This is torture. This is agony.

Yet, this is an agony ecstatic, one I merely want to prolong. I want this torture, I want to torture myself some more, I want you to torture me, to run your fingers and palms along the body here before you, to torment me with your mouth, your tongue, with your own burning need to feast. I want you to torment me, to tease me, to tease me with your cockhead, your thick uncut meat cleaving me open, sliding along my lips, along the path to my most intimate heat, nudging, nudging, meeting that point of delicious resistance then plunging yourself into me and fucking me, fucking me with slow and deep and decisive strokes, my legs around your waist, my body embracing you, my cunt clinging to you, my cunt a vice of flesh as I come over and again, hot and hard all over you before I make you withdraw just as you’re about to reach your own climax so you can erupt violently across the tightness of my belly, splashing against my labia, against my newly fucked sex, my fingers wrapping themselves around your shaft to press the tip of your glans to my clitoris to pleasure myself to another orgasm, your come spurting against that sweet, sweet spot, the scorching jets of your seed pushing me again to that white blinding light.

And as I come once again, I want you back inside me because I know that you’ll still be hard, I want you back inside me because it’s where you belong, I want you deep, I want you deep, to the hilt that has my back arching off the bed, I want you so deep your own need to come again will craze, will be maddening. I want you deep, I want you buried, I want you etched into my flesh. I want you deep, the slick sound of our arousal ringing in our ears. I want you deep, I want to watch, my eyes devouring the sight of your shaft glistening, conquering, emerging from that place, I want to reach down and touch the point where we are joined as one, to feel the wetness of our lust. I want you deep, I want you so deep inside me my heart skips, my mind fades, my breath ceases to be.

This is torture. This is agony. This desire, this need for you. And on this cold, stormy night, I wouldn’t have my ecstasy any other way.