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Sinfully Sensuous, which takes its inspiration from the erotic self-portraits posted here on the blog, brings together over 80 photographs and vignettes including a variety of favourites as well as more than 30 new images designed specifically for the page.

Available from Blurb in soft cover, hardback, downloadable PDF,
and eBook (for Apple) versions, (which affords you a cheeky treat both convenient and easily hidden from prying eyes), Sinfully Sensuous is a way to have and to hold – and hopefully enjoy – a little piece of my creations.

But if you’re left in any doubt, perhaps these generous readers can sway you…

“Bed time stories from the seductively sublime mind of one Cheeky Minx, author of the blog 'Love Hate Sex Cake', with lashings of ultra-sensual visual treats to boot. Hard Copy by name and nature.”Both Hands Please
“I've been a fan of this Aussie beauty for a while now. She's a gorgeous woman, a great writer, and takes some stunning photos.... Definitely sensuous.” – Buddha, The Writing Buddha

“A tantalizing and thoroughly enjoyably sexy book. Worth every penny. You won't read anything else like this anywhere especially from such a sexy and vibrant woman as is Cheeky Minx. I call it the whole package.... a woman who can stimulate you with both words and pictures. It's all here. I highly recommend. Highly!”Dew72

“The writing is very much what we've come to expect from her in virtually every post she writes…. But what sets this book off from others are the pictures. All featuring Cheeky; all taken by Cheeky; and all quite sexy and classy. And at least one, if not two pictures of her for every turn of the page.” – Os, Views From the Back Row


both.hands.please said...

May I just say how honoured and pleased I am to feature among your reviewers. I do so love your work.

Surely Volume II can't be too far away Minx!

Cheeky Minx said...

After your incredible support and so glowing a review, how could I possibly resist, bhp?

As for Volume II, we'll see... ;-)