Sweet Utterances

The wonderful things people say…
“An achingly beautiful woman whose erotic self-portraits captivate like few others, and whose sensual musings only get better.”Easily Aroused
“I've been a fan of this Aussie beauty for a while now.  She's a gorgeous woman, a great writer, and takes some stunning photos...so much so that she's been a regular on The Infinite Ache…. Sit down, pull up a chair, and drown in all things Love Hate Sex Cake.” – Buddha, The Writing Buddha

“My blog for this week, penned by Cheeky Minx, has a great ability to combine awesome self-portrait photography with great writing to create a blog that is just jammed packed full of sexy…. Her ability to portray her sexual needs and desires through this medium is without doubt electric.”
– Molly, Molly’s Daily Kiss 

“I hope you enjoy the beautifully sensuous, tastefully sexy, and often dreamy images and words of Cheeky Minx as much as I do.” – Inferno, Red Region Inferno 

“Her brief tales whet the appetite for more. You want to see more, hear more, feel more beyond what she already has you feeling. She has a unique turn of phrase and a curiously effortless style that makes for some very smooth reading.” – The Panserbjørne, Insatiabear: A Panserbjørne’s Musings 

“Cheeky Minx of Love Hate Sex Cake. Not only does she write eloquently, but she also puts up mesmerizing photos.” – Nolens Volens, Welcome to my secret spot 2.0

“Haven’t we all felt the desire to manipulate the fast currents of time as we drift towards the inevitability of the universe?… These deep, dark desires are very much worth reading.” – six on ‘Linger’, you could ruin my day 
“Cheeky Minx, she writes so, so well, I want to pause...to read...to dwell…” – Veritas, No Words Spoken 

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